Our Programs

Connecting Orphan Children With Homes

We embark on regular outreach programs that are targeted at helping orphans and giving them an opportunity at better lives. We pay visits to orphanages around Uganda, interact with them, and also give them a wide array of supplies. We are dedicated to helping them and providing for those who have lost their parents over the course of their lives.

Healthcare Project

Quality health care and access to basic health amenities are both important if life expectancy is to increase in a nation.We will also be visiting various communities as well. Here, we will be conducting basic heath checkups and running few basic tests. These communities will also receive drugs and other health care facilities.

Empower Women

We believe that people should be treated fairly and given the same level playing field to work. We believe that nobody is superior based on age, race, nationality, or gender.To this end, we are launching a women empowerment program that is targeted at women in Ghana. We will be looking to help them live better lives and to unlock some of the hidden potential in them.

Outreach Project

Our outreach program will be targeted at some of the most underdeveloped communities in Uganda. We will be visiting these communities and providing them with basic living amenities. Our hope is that with all these, they will be able to improve their quality of life and standard of living.

Support Agric Project

We seek donor, sponsorship, individual group volunteers to help implement agriculture project aimed at meeting the increasing problems of rural poor communities and school drop outs, under this project the organization is looking at establishing different agriculture enterprise and rural poor community empowerment through agricultural transformation.

Partnering to build a community where the lives of all disadvantaged children are  improve through rural  development oriented programs.


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How You Can Get Involved

Call +256 777703698 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

We offer the following programs and services: Orphan Care,Training and education of persons with disability,support to children in deprived schools and Women empowerment all in Uganda.We offer short- and long-term opportunities to our prospective volunteers to feel comfortable to put smile on the faces of our beneficiary orphaned and disabled children by providing basic assistance. 

Sponsor Program

There are several ways you can sponsor a cause.

If you are interested in sponsoring either for a short or long term programs.We will gladly appreciate it and assist you achieving your goal to support our community.

Please send us an email and we will contact you directly to discuss the options.

Set Up A Fundraiser.

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Our Causes

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We help hundreds of children to get their education,now we are appealing for help achieve our aims and objectives.


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Water & Sanitation

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