Education is the key! 

Education  Project 

 To provide care and support services to these vulnerable children.


Education Project Description

Women struggle to raise their families in many villages in Kaliro district due to Poverty, unemployment, Domestic violence, low incomes, household food insecurity, water and proper sanitation facilities, school fees and high death rates from HIV/AIDS (orphans are cared by the surviving relatives who burdened with large families plus dependants), Girl child remain out of school due to high costs for tuition, buying stationery, school uniforms, feeding the children and lack of protection from hostile homes to engage in commercial sex work, drug abuse and end up as domestic workers, casual workers in rice, sugar plantations and bars and physically, sexually and emotionally abused by male adults.


SCCF Education project is aimed at providing scholastic materials, food and basic needs to our primary and secondary school disadvantaged children with in Kaliro district. The project beneficiaries is identified by our project staffs with the help of local leaders, Religious leaders and Government Civil servants (Senior Probation and Social Welfare Officer) who are directly responsible for the welfare of these disadvantaged children in Kaliro district.


Project Mission

 Provision of basic needs to the disadvantaged children to enhance quality education.

Project Goal

To improve the well being of the disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youths.

To promote quality primary, secondary and vocational education to the disadvantaged and other vulnerable children and youths.

To provide care and support services to these vulnerable children.

To promote job creation opportunities to the most vulnerable children through vocational training.

To promote income generating activities to the vulnerable children through vocational educations.

Project Objectives

To access primary, secondary and vocational education by the disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youths.

To give scholastic materials to the disadvantaged and other training materials.

To improve on the nutrition of these disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youths.    

Prevention of the involvement of these children more especially girls in commercial sex activities, child domestic labour and other immoral activities.

To build capacity in job creation and income generation.

To promote more cohesive considerate and creative individuals/societies with equal opportunities and rights for all.  

Project Activities

Registration of beneficiaries for supports

School fees support.

Bedding’s like Mattresses, Uniforms, Blankets, bed sheets and mosquito nets.

Scholastic and training materials support e.g. exercise books, textbooks, mathematical set etc.

Feeding support (at school and Home) and basic primary health care support.



SCCF Proposals

Save Community Care Foundation proposing for the Construction of secondary schools for the underprivileged children’s in Kaliro and others neighboring districts to enable them complete their, Primary, secondary education and Join University with three main objectives of Providing conducive learning environment free of cost, Providing quality education that will prepare them for university.

Prevention and ending of early child marriage and teenage pregnancy and Helping underprivileged children to achieve better improvements in their lives to enable them contribute to the total development of their families and communities.

Support Us

We are proposing construction of  16 classrooms, 2 dormitories, Kitchen and Store, Library, fencing and gate, 7 Toilets, 2 Laboratory, Office administration, Staff room, Staff Quarters and School Canteens and first aids room, the project will result the Promotion of sponsorship system, Reduction of widespread phenomenon of abused girls, Promotion of gender development and growth, Promotion of IT skills, Enhancement of community resource identification, mobilization or marshaling of the same Eradication of poverty in slum and rural setting and Promotion of inter-agency collaboration in professional ideas and experience sharing.


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