Community donations to Kaliro District

Written by SCCF-Uganda

Save Community Care Foundation is a non-profit making indigenous non-government organization founded in 2010. We work with rural poor children, women, youth and in the communities of Kaliro District ,Uganda.

March 27, 2019

Team SCCF see has given out Clothes to Elders in rural poor communities of Bulangira, Bugabwe and Buyunga Village in Kaliro District Busoga sub-region in Eastern Uganda. The majority of these elders received clothes live in Semi-permanent or Makeshift structures, usually grass thatched with mud walls; the homeless ones move from place to place, sometimes occupying abandoned structures.

The dilapidated state of the houses they occupy puts them and their dependants under danger as they threaten to collapse over them especially during the rainy season. The walls, floors and roofs are full of cracks, exposing them to cold and harmful animals and insects.  

We shall all grow old one day. The help you give today will be extended to you in the evening of your life. Help break the negative barriers, by supporting the efforts of Save Community Care Foundation to alleviate the burden of the needy older persons and their Children. 
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