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Across the community, we are united in our dedication to protest every child.

Save Community Care Foundation (SCCF) is voluntary non-profit making indigenous non-government organization founded in 2010.
We aim at working with marginalized and disadvantaged persons regardless of gender and age, people with HIV/AIDS & TB, people with special and physical disabilities, people with John’s syndrome.

Strategic Focus.

To achieve the above vision three (3) specific strategic objectives were set. These includes;-
1. To collectively advocate for the implementation of the right and responsibilities of all people in rural communities.
2. To collectively monitor the implementation of and promote understanding of all people in rural communities right at all levels in Uganda.
3. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the network to fulfill its mandate.


To foster establishment and enriching an unveiled treasure of Uganda through individual, families and rural poor communities in all parts of Uganda through promotion of innovative solutions.

To exploit un-tapped potential of individual, families and rural poor communities to take responsibility for their own development, enact positive decision and promoting a better well being of community.

To exploit un-tapped potential of individual, families and rural poor communities to take responsibility for their own development, enact positive decision and promoting a better well being of community.

How We Got Started

We began this organization in June 2010 in Bulangira village, Naigombwa parish, Kaliro town in Kaliro district of Uganda after realizing the Social, Economic, Health and Education challenges that are facing children, youth, women and disabled people in hard to reach communities in Kaliro district. 

Where We Are Now

  • We advocate for the construction of two boreholes in Bulangira village to solve perennial shortage of water.
  • We offer psychological support and partnered with MAMA POLICE and CLO, to encourage community members to freely report cases of child abuse, GBV cases and parents protect their children.
  • Save Community CareFoundation has provided Income generating Activities (IGA) to critically vulnerable OVC Households in form of social interventions.


Kaliro District has got a total population of about 272,405 people (Kaliro district Statistic Abstract) of which 133,478 are male and 259,058 female with a high prevalence of 31 %, among women and 19% in males where 50% of the district’s total population of women are estimated to be pregnant expected live births (Kaliro District data base, the net works project 2009) these new born at the same time are at risk of contracting the virus according to UAC 2009, which puts mother to child transmission with no intervention made. (UNAIDS, 2008, Rates of mother to child transmission and the impact of medical intervention). 

Young women who have experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) were 50% more likely to have acquired HIV than women who had not experienced violence. In Uganda 3% of adolescent girls 15-19 years live with HIV and prevalence doubles [7.1%] by the time they are 24 years (UAIS, 2011). Consequently the spread of HIV /AIDS among the youth population is attributed to luck of knowledge, behavior change. Young people especially the adolescent girls in Uganda face considerable risks and vulnerabilities that affect their educational status, health and general well-being.

They are at high risk for early marriage, teenage pregnancy, early and unprotected sex, Non-consensual sex, HIV and other STIs.  They have limited income earning opportunities and high rates of illiteracy, and often experience violence and social isolation. As of 2016, the estimated HIV prevalence among adults (aged 15 to 49) stood at 6.5%. Women are disproportionately affected, with 7.6% of adult women living with HIV compared to 4.7% of men (global information and education HIV 2016)

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