Rural Participation

We practiced grassroots capacity building through mapping and identifying exact beneficiaries and working with rural poor community groups such as women’s groups, youth groups, orphanage, local schools, village health workers, rural farmers groups, and in all parts of Uganda. 


Volunteers can participate in most of the programs any time of year and can also choose their start date & end date of participation and expected to work alongside local professionals.We need people like you to champion our work and keep the smooth running of our programs. 

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If you feel moved by the causes Save Community Care Foundation promotes and stand for, we would very much appreciate your support and donation.It will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help.We are grateful for your donation and needed support.

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About Save Community Care Foundation.

Save Community Care Foundation (SCCF) is voluntary non-profit making indigenous non-government organization founded in 2010.
We aim at working with marginalized and disadvantaged persons regardless of gender and age,people with HIV/AIDS & TB, people with special and physical disabilities,people with John’s syndrome.
We are registered with the NGO Board; Ministry of Internal Affairs in May 2015 and started our programs in the District of Kaliro by conducting training with its member groups in the fields of literacy, ICT, Vocational skill development, Advocacy, Agriculture & Agro-business with the vision of creating literate, productive and harmonious community of women and men meeting their basic needs and right with ease.

Volunteer testimonials

"Everything was very well organized and ran smoothly. I had a good experience during my short time SCCF and it was a pleasure to visit each day to interact with the community and hopefully be of some help to the community".
Adam Sendler
Working with SCCF has been wonderful! They are the best organization and I learned a great amount from them and about myself while volunteering and being welcomed into the community.
Mike Stuart

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